Ross Behrens, Swing DJ


I’m Ross Behrens, and for more than eight years I’ve been playing music that makes people get up, dance and have a good time.

You may have heard me at one of the dances put on by the St. Louis Rebels West Coast Swing Dance Club. (I’m a house DJ there.) Or perhaps you heard me at one of these dance spots:

  1. Casa Loma Ballroom

  2. Dance Ala Carte

  3. Jefferson County Swing Dance Club

  4. Meet Me in St. Louis

  5. Midwest Swing Dance Federation New Year’s Eve Dance

  6. South Side Imperial Swing Dance Club

  7. Sports Café

  8. St. Charles Imperial Dance Club

  9. St. Louis Imperial Swing Dance Club

  10. St. Louis Rebels West Coast Swing Dance Club

  11. U Can Dance

  12. W.O.W. Productions Friday Night Dances

If you’ve never heard me play, then I should tell you that I’m a member of the National Association of Rhythm & Blues DJs. I’m also a dancer with more than thirty years’ experience, a former competitor, dance promoter, and marketing professional. All of which means that I have the experience, skills and knowledge to help make your next dance event
a special success.

Call me today at 636-225-2096 or e-mail


Let me help you make your next dance event a roaring success...

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• Weddings
• Corporate Events

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“I play the tunes that make the whole world dance”— Ross Behrens, Swing DJ